In 1994, American composer Richard Einhorn was inspired to compose a piece to accompany Dreyer’s cut of the film. He called his piece an “oratorio” and give it the title “Voices of Light”. It is scored for a semi-chorus of female voices (originally recorded by the early music ensemble Anonymous 4), a full mixed choir, and a small orchestra of strings and winds, that includes solo parts for viola da gamba. The piece made a powerful impact on audiences and critics alike, so much so that the curators of The Criterion Collection decided to include Einhorn’s work as a soundtrack option on the film’s DVD release.

Vox Humana is proud to present the Victoria premiere of the silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc, projected on large screen, accompanied by the live soundtrack Voices of Light by Richard Einhorn, and featuring choir and orchestra.

Performance: March 29th, 2020 – 8:00 PM
Location: Farquhar Auditorium, University of Victoria (B115, Ring Road, Victoria)
Tickets: Tickets: $40, $25 (25 years old and under)
Available in person at Farquhar Auditorium and online at